About Us

Our journey with Longhorns began in June of 2019 with a simple effort to keep pasture grass under control. As we watched these amazing animals and began to study them, our love and passion for them grew quickly. Since our original purchase, we have realized that we wanted to develop a real program with genetics to produce total package Registered Texas Longhorn cows. While we still have waiting time to see what we have put together, our expectations are high with what is to come!

We are also moving forward to be able to produce and sell Registered Texas Longhorn Beef.

We have been blessed tremendously with the willingness from a community of breeders who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with us. The Longhorn “family” is a joy to be a part of!

Lick Creek Farms is located in the heart of the South in West Tennessee and is surrounded by southern beauty and history. If you are passing through or live nearby, come see us and our Longhorn cows! Our gates are always open!